Web Pages by Jill

Creating Clean and Easy to use Websites for Small Business

Quick, effective, easy to use websites for a fair fixed price and no surprises to get you up and running.

We can pull from thousands of stock images to help market your site or you can provide your own.

Contact Jill for a site today, you can be up and running next week!

Food & Farmer's Market Stands

Help get orders ahead of time! That's money in the bank.

Artist's Online Gallery

Show your work to the world 24/7! Announce events and sell online.

Consulting Services

Have an online business card with a QR code! Get people coming to you.

Speciality Shops

An online shop to supplement your store.

Services for sale

Handyman? Caregiver? Plumber? Electrician? Lawn Care? We can make a site just for you!

Event Site

Want a main place to keep your annual event? We can create that page you can link to all the event sites so you only have to update one place!

  • Wisconsin, United States